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Desert Rose Desert Rose Eau de Toilette 75ml


Pure Taste | Desert Rose

An extremely pure aroma power, derived from Damascus rose. This dry and mysterious place relies on a kind of sesame oil to moisten the entire sandy road. In Arabic, "desert rose" is often used as a metaphor for having a strong and self-appreciating personality. It is one of the oldest and most precious rose species in the world, and the essential oil extracted from it can be called "more expensive than gold".

Olfaction N''s Desert Rose range provides a sense of well-being to relieve tense nerves, improve respiratory and digestive system function, and also works well for menstrual problems.

How to use: Spray the Eau de Toilette into the air and into the fragrance; or spray the Eau De Toilette directly on the pulse point or neck, etc., do not touch the eyes.

Desert Rose Desert Rose Eau de Toilette 75ml

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