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Kyoto Wood Kyoto White Sandalwood Eau de Toilette 75ml

Taste of Zen| Kyoto White Sandalwood

Of all the ancient cities with wooden buildings in Japan, Kyoto is the only one that has been a cultural center for 1,200 years. In ancient times, centuries-old cedars were transported from China to Kyoto by sea and combined with local white sandalwood to build shrines and temples that lasted for centuries, creating a peaceful and leisurely atmosphere. As one of the oldest spices in human history, sandalwood has the sacred aroma represented by eastern countries. The calm woody fragrance brings a little bitterness and also takes away the troubles. In the fragrance of Brahma, people can stay away from the hustle and bustle of the world and return to the pure land of the world.

Sandalwood is a rather extreme spice that is said to elevate spirituality and lead people into a transcendent spiritual world. Sandalwood oil has a sweet smell, can eliminate inexplicable fears, has a soothing effect, and is very helpful for meditation. Olfaction N''s Kyoto White Sandalwood collection dispels anxiety and helps increase romance, bringing a feeling of relaxation and well-being.

How to use: Spray the Eau de Toilette into the air and into the fragrance; or spray the Eau De Toilette directly on the pulse point or neck, etc., do not touch the eyes.

Kyoto Wood Kyoto White Sandalwood Eau de Toilette 75ml

SKU: AD2022006
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