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🔸CONY outfit in an elegant retro dress


🔸The textured candle glass with gold as the main tone brings a noble, elegant and lively style.


🔸100% natural environmental protection soybean wax and lead-free candle wick, 40 hours non-toxic burning


🟢 Features:

🔸Made with 100% natural eco-friendly soybean wax and lead-free and smoke-free eco-friendly candle wick, no harmful mineral oil is added, releasing a natural, non-toxic and pleasant aroma (210g).


🟢 Fragrance family:

🔸CONY's exclusive white musk fragrance is lively and charming, showing a natural and straightforward personality.


🟢 Burning hours: 40 hours



🟢How to use: Please place it in a safe place, light the cotton wick on the candle, keep an eye on the burning of the candle, and do not move the candle close to flammable objects.

LINE FRIENDS with everybody LABO "a little hush…" CONY: White Musk Eco-Friendly Scented Candles

SKU: AD2022001
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