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LINE FRIENDS with everybody LABO “a little romance…” CONY: White Musk aromatherapy with aroma stick set

No smoke, no fire, simple and worry-free aromatherapy experience.

The aromatherapy bottle printed with the CONY retro dress pattern can be used as a small home decoration, and it is also a special design that fans must collect.

MSRP: $228/100ml

CONY exclusive scent

white musk aroma

The cute and lively CONY, with a cheerful and frank personality, is like a good friend around us, sharing the interest of life at all times, and the charming and kind musk fragrance and happiness are condensed in the air.


With CONY's exclusive white musk fragrance as the main tone, it is lively and charming, making people feel comfortable and cheerful.

Smoke-free and fire-free aromatherapy experience, specially designed CONY diffuser bottle, sweet and lively CONY put on a retro dress, and released a sweet and romantic love atmosphere under the sky of fireworks, which makes people fall in love at first sight. Put the cane stick aromatherapy stick in the aromatherapy bottle, it can release a long-lasting aroma, make a room fragrant, can also be used as a small home decoration, one thing is two, add a little interest to life.


First notes: fenugreek, white rosin, basil

Middle Notes: Lily of the Valley, Musk, Rose

Base Notes: Musk, Patchouli, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Moss

Set includes: 100ml aromatherapy, rattan stick aromatherapy stick X8

How to use: Insert 4-8 rattan sticks into the aromatherapy bottle and place it in the air circulation position to let the aroma release naturally.

LINE FRIENDS with everybody LABO “a little romance…” CONY: White Musk Diffuser with Diffuser Set

SKU: AD2022007
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