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Dijon Cassis Eau de Toilette

75ml | HK$580


For example, the moment of relaxation is like stepping into a large vat full of blackcurrants, and the rich fruity aroma rises from the soles of the feet step by step. Imagine yourself rooted in this special soil, with grass at your feet, orange trees, apple trees on the distant hills, and even jasmine flowers by the roadside, all leaning over their heads, breathing deeply together, and bringing the spirits of Dijon to life. The breath was sucked into this big cylinder. Also, the sweet aroma of dry caramel emanating from the earth reminds you that you are walking on the ancient roads of the fields of Dijon. The scent of the complex soil layers of ancient history is transformed into such a simple, yet so intoxicating moment of pleasure. So you are sure that you deserve to be loved.


Dijon liqueur smell

Top Notes: Orange, Turquoise, Blackcurrant, Fruity

Middle Notes: Raspberry, Blackcurrant, Apple, Jasmine

Base Notes: Vanilla, Musk, Caramel

How to use: Spray the Eau de Toilette into the air and into the fragrance; or spray the Eau De Toilette directly on the pulse point or neck, etc., do not touch the eyes.

Olfaction N' Dijon Cassis Eau de Toilette

SKU: AD2022002
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