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Australia Honeylife Australia Honeylife Manuka Honey

Mgo250+ Daily Health Choice

* daily health care, nutritional supplements

* has antioxidant effect

* Improve immunity

* Prevent colds and flu

What are MGOs?

Methylglyoxal (MGO) is edible methylglyoxal, the active compound that gives Manuka honey its proven antimicrobial properties. MGO is a standard to distinguish the antibacterial effect of honey. Every batch of Manuka Honey is thoroughly tested and you can rely on our commitment to the quality of MGO Manuka Honey. The higher the MGO standard, the higher the efficacy of antibacterial activity.

The Many Uses of Manuka Honey

🍯 stomach upset

🍯 Enhance immunity

🍯 Moisturizing and laxative

🍯Beauty and beauty

Quality Assurance:

Natural Actives - Strictly select the nectar source of natural active ingredients.

Official certification - Australian university official certification safety and activity test.

Trace the source of honey - from the source of honey to the bottle, we have an advanced system to control the quality of each bottle

Honeylife Manuka Honey is sourced from

Australia's Manuka Tea Tree (Manuka Tea Tree) is made from remote and pollution-free natural virgin forests. After the honey is harvested, it is made by using advanced cold filtration technology. It is a rare 100% pure natural active honey that maintains the original ecology. Rich in trace elements and minerals needed by the human body, it is a must-have health drink for every family!

Honeylife Auspicious Pure Natural Manuka Honey MGO 250+

SKU: HL2023036
HK$420.00 Regular Price
HK$299.00Sale Price
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