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OhOzDirect is an Australian health store that specialises in direct delivery. We are a part of Brilliant Billion Global Limited (BBG). Our aim is to provide customers in Australia with the best quality life experience by offering a wide range of Australian natural health care products and organic food and beverages. Over the past year, we have emerged as one of the leading health product providers in Australia. We are the authorised distributor for well-known health brands like "Concord," which has a history of more than 40 years, and "Ocean King," a well-known name in Australia. Our mission is to safeguard the health and well-being of every family. We are dedicated to delivering a positive and healthy lifestyle to the people of Hong Kong.

Top Hero products:

  • Ganoderma Manuka Honey

  • Liver Health

  • Virpro Lungs Support

  • GenPower

  • Bilberry 

  • Celery Seed 

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