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🇦🇺Australia Concord Ganoderma Manuka Honey MGO30+

Gift Set


Gift set includes: a delicate pouch, a stirring stick

Limited time purchase, while stocks last!


Product introduction:


▪️ Selected from a private farm in New South Wales, Australia, the honey extracted from bees that pick high-quality manuka shrubs as food, infused with the precious red ganoderma essence from Changbai Mountain in Jilin Province in the Mainland, and the precious red ganoderma is brewed in a golden ratio Manuka honey, let antioxidant experience, easily integrated into daily life!

▪️Australian Concord Health Care Group, with 38 years of pharmaceutical experience, produces all-natural health care products with herbal formulas, and has an excellent reputation!



▪️Contains antibacterial activity and has a stable antibacterial effect

▪️Strengthen the digestive system and relieve gastrointestinal discomfort

▪️Efficient anti-oxidation, bringing out beauty and whitening effect

▪️Drinking regularly can help strengthen immunity

▪️It has the effect of moisturizing and soothing sore throat

▪️Relieve upper respiratory tract sensitivity and discomfort

▪️Honey has a soft texture and is most suitable for daily health care

▪️The product is available in Ganoderma lucidum honey and Manuka Ganoderma honey, suitable for the dietary needs of different people.


Product benefits:

🌟 Or effectively prevent and treat symptoms caused by the new coronavirus*

🌟 "Flavonoids" in honey may inhibit host cell fusion in viruses

🌟 According to the research, the virus can be cleared earlier, or the mortality rate can be reduced. 🌟 Using honey products as an adjuvant treatment for COVID-19 may help improve the symptoms of the new crown. Prevent virus invasion!


Suggested way to eat:

🍯Adjuvant treatment - directly in the mouth for about 5 minutes, do not drink water, let the manuka red ganoderma honey can be completely absorbed in the mouth for the best absorption effect, after swallowing, you can drink a little warm water, if the situation is serious The above steps can be repeated one more time.

🍯Daily health care-Eating 1 to 2 wooden teaspoons (5 to 10g) half an hour before eating can promote digestion, 2 to 3 times a day.


Shelf life: 2026


Specifications: 250G /bottle


Origin: Australia

Australian Condord Ganoderma Manuka Honey Gift Set

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