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Milk Thistle Liver Soft Capsule 35000 mg / 90 capsules


Product Introduction:

The main ingredient of liver protection soft capsule is milk thistle extract. Milk thistle, also known as milk thistle, is considered a natural product that protects the liver. This product is extracted from high-quality milk thistle. Each capsule contains 35,000 mg of milk thistle extract. This high content can help improve liver function when taken daily.


Product efficacy:

- Effectively protect the liver and reduce the invasion of drugs, alcohol and toxins
- Strengthen the liver’s hangover and detoxification function
- Accelerate liver cell repair and regeneration, strengthen liver function
- Highly effective antioxidant, helps stabilize liver cell membranes and delay aging
- Relieve fatigue and reduce stress


Main ingredients:

▪️Silybum thistle 500 mg is equivalent to 250 g silybin


▪️Store in a cool, dry place below 25°C. Keep away from sunlight.

Product certification:

▪️King of the Sea® Milk Thistle Liver Protecting Soft Capsule has won the highest level in the world and is recognized by the Australian Federal Health Administration Agency TGA*. Health product number: AUST L 228603. It has remarkable efficacy and confidence guaranteed! *The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) needs to be licensed and certified by the local national health administration agency TGA to manufacture drugs or health products in Australia, and it regularly accepts the most stringent government supervision and regular spot inspections.

Hong Kong agent:

Brilliant Billion Global Limited

Ocean King Milk Thistle Liver Soft Capsule (Milk Thistle Liver Protector)

SKU: OK2022027
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389 Grams
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