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Thousands of calls-The second generation Kangdao CD4 super premium Ganoderma and Cordyceps "five-in-one" nutritional supplement, has now been shipped to Hong Kong by air, and is sold exclusively in our store!

Australian Concord CD4 premium Ganoderma lucidum and Cordyceps extract has won the highest level in the world and is recognized by the Australian health management agency TGA*. Health product number: AUST L 398516. It has remarkable efficacy and confidence guaranteed!

*The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) needs to be licensed and certified by the local national health administration agency TGA to manufacture drugs or health products in Australia, and it regularly accepts the most stringent government supervision and regular spot inspections.



Product introduction:

Concord CD4 Premium Ganoderma and Cordyceps 5-in-1 Essence - Healthy Nutritional Supplement

▪️The world’s only broken Ganoderma lucidum spore powder dietary supplement clinically proven by the United Nations to double immunity

▪️Each CD4 capsule contains 88% broken Ganoderma spore powder, which is blended with the highly concentrated essence of Red Ganoderma, Spirulina, Bupleurum and Cordyceps extracts, making it the most powerful five-in-one herbal dietary therapy.


Main functions:

▪️Ingredients can effectively replenish qi, nourish blood, strengthen the spleen, nourish yin and moisturize the lungs

▪️Strengthen the kidneys

▪️Enhance immune defense

▪️Calm down and relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety.

▪️Reduce insomnia

▪️Reduce coughing

▪️Fight against stubborn diseases

▪️Care before and after surgery

▪️Help improve overall health

▪️39 years of Australian Concord health care products with excellent reputation

▪️Australia’s No. 1 100% natural formula

▪️Plant capsules, easy to swallow, will not irritate the stomach


Recommended usage:

▪️Health use: Take two capsules once a day before meals or follow the health advice of your family doctor

▪️Repair use: Twice a day, three capsules each time, take before meals and follow the health advice of your family doctor



60 capsules/bottle





Order form:

Direct delivery from Australia to Hong Kong/sold in stock


Sole agent in Hong Kong:

Brilliant Billion Global Limited

The second generation Australian Concord CD4 super premium Ganoderma lucidum and Cordyceps "five-in-one" nutritional supplement

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