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Australian Concord Virpro Lung Support


👍Australian sales exceeded 100,000 bottles*

👍Australia’s No.1 natural formula

👍Help reduce fever symptoms

👍Won the highest level of international certification, TGA recognition, quality assurance

👍Integrating traditional Chinese and Western medicine to prevent COVID-19 virus

👍Relieves various symptoms of influenza and pneumonia

👍Help improve the three major characteristics caused by COVID-19

👍Made in Australia, confidence guaranteed

👍Purely natural herbs, a combination of Chinese and Western medicine formulas with no side effects, no toxicity, no irritation


Product introduction:

Kangdao Bufei Ling can help relieve fever symptoms and lower overall body temperature,

It is particularly helpful in improving the sequelae of COVID-19, removing harmful toxins from the lungs, maintaining the normal operation of the immune system, and helping to enhance overall health.



▪️Help improve the overall health of the body

▪️Maintain normal body temperature

▪️Maintain immune system health

▪️Helps relieve common cold and flu symptoms

▪️Relieve cough

▪️Maintain lung health

▪️Help enhance breathing

▪️ 39 years of Australian Kangdao health products with excellent reputation

▪️Australia’s No. 1 100% natural formula

▪️Plant capsules, easy to swallow


main ingredient:

▪️Agastache ▪️Astragalus ▪️Reed ▪️Peranthera ▪️Forsythia ▪️Skullcap ▪️Honeysuckle ▪️Mulberry ▪️Tangerine peel ▪️Licorice ▪️Platycodon ▪️Ginger ▪️Chrysanthemum ▪️Ganoderma ▪️Chlorella whole plant ▪️Cordyceps sinensis powder


Recommended usage:

👉Treat patients take 3 capsules 3 times a day;

👉For health care and prevention, take 2-3 capsules daily, as directed by your doctor

👉It is recommended to take it with Kangdao CD4 Ganoderma and Cordyceps at the same time to lay a good foundation for the body.



60 capsules/bottle





Order form:

Direct delivery from Australia to Hong Kong/sold in stock


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International recognition:

Australian Kangdao Bufei Ling Virpro Lung Support has won the highest level in the world and is recognized by the Australian health management agency TGA*. The health product number is AUST L 336084. It has remarkable efficacy and confidence guaranteed!

*The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) needs to be licensed and certified by the local national health administration agency TGA to manufacture drugs or health products in Australia, and it regularly accepts the most stringent government supervision and regular spot inspections.

*Based on official sales statistics for 2021


General agent in Hong Kong:

Brilliant Billion Global Limited


Concord Virpro Lung Support

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