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Natural health from Australia🦘🦘

Gen Power health supplements

Brand new second generation Combined Formulation enhanced


Product introduction:

Australian Concord Gen Power is the most powerful health supplement for men and woman.

✅All-natural herbal formula, no western medicine ingredients, no side effects on the human body

Brand new second generation, 12 major elements that enhance vitality: ▪️Okra root▪️Epimedium petiole▪️Cistanche deserticola ▪️Morinda officinalis▪️Ginseng petiole▪️Deer antler▪️Ganoderma ▪️Codonopsis root▪️Cordyceps ▪️Cuscutus ▪️Golden anthem▪️EU gold Sakura fruit, etc.

✅The formula contains bioflavonoids, full-price protein, high polysaccharide gum, dietary fiber, trace elements selenium, zinc, various unsaponifiables, etc., which can significantly regulate human endocrine. Improve cardiovascular and cerebrovascular microcirculation. Enhance the body's antioxidant capacity. Anti-cardio-cerebral ischemia, hypoxia, analgesia, anti-fatigue, anti-aging, and blood lipid lowering effects

✅Other precious formulas include Epimedium stems and leaves and ginseng root, Cistanche deserticola, Codonopsis pilosula, Cordyceps sinensis, Cuscuta, velvet antler, Ganoderma lucidum, Morinda officinalis, oyster shell, okra root, Epimedium petiole and golden cherry fruit and other precious medicinal materials.


Main functions:

▪️Improve men’s dysfunction

▪️Increase vitality and maintain a healthy life

▪️Enhance kidney function

▪️Enhance blood circulation and improve cold hands and feet

▪️Enhance resistance and fight fatigue

▪️Reduce nocturia and wake up naturally

▪️Strengthens the kidneys and protects qi, suitable for both men and women

▪️39 Australian Concord health care products with excellent reputation

▪️Australia’s No. 1 100% natural formula

▪️Plant capsules, easy to swallow


Recommended usage:

▪️Take two capsules twice a day, or follow the health advice of your family doctor

✅Take Gen Power every day to keep your physical strength strong; your energy will be sufficient, and you will live younger and younger

✅It is recommended to take it together with gen power to lay a good foundation for the body.



60 capsules/bottle




Order form:

Direct delivery from Australia to Hong Kong/sold in stock


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Australian Concord Gen Power has won the highest level in the world and is recognized by the Australian health management agency TGA*. The health product number is: AUST L 326618. It has remarkable efficacy and confidence guaranteed!

*The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) needs to be licensed and certified by the local national health administration agency TGA in order to manufacture drugs or health products in Australia, and it regularly accepts the most stringent government supervision and regular spot inspections.

* "Gen Power" health nutritional supplements are made of 100% natural herbal formula, combined with velvet antler and oyster shell extracts, etc., and are packaged in plant capsules to create a new generation of herbal kidney-tonifying and virile products with golden proportions!

*Vegetarians who want to use Chinese medicine need to carefully identify or consult a doctor


Sole agent in Hong Kong:

Brilliant Billion Global Limited

The second generation Australian Concord Gen Power (Kidney Suppliment)

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