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Australia Honeylife Australia Honeylife Manuka Honey

Mgo400+ Improvement and Prevention

Three advantages:

Natural Actives - Strictly select the nectar source of natural active ingredients.

Official certification - Australian university official certification safety and activity test.

Trace the source of honey - from the source of honey to the bottle, we have an advanced system to control the quality of each bottle

Four characteristics:

• Enhance immunity

• Stomach buster

• Sterilization and anti-inflammation

• Maintain the stomach

Five benefits:

• Natural antibiotics

• Prevent colon inflammation

• Reduces acid reflux and intestinal bacterial overgrowth

• Relieves inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome

• Improves indigestion and upset stomach

Honeylife Manuka Honey is sourced from

Australia's Manuka Tea Tree (Manuka Tea Tree) is made from remote and pollution-free natural virgin forests. After the honey is harvested, it is made by using advanced cold filtration technology. It is a rare 100% pure natural active honey that maintains the original ecology. Rich in trace elements and minerals needed by the human body, it is a must-have health drink for every family!

Honey Life Natural Manuka Honey MGO 400+

SKU: HL2023035
HK$699.00 Regular Price
HK$499.00Sale Price
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