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Concord NAD+NMN Anti-aging

☑️Product selling point

▪️Repair + regeneration + health care (All-in-one)

▪️Break through the single NMN concept in the market and inject regeneration + health care elements

▪️Each bottle contains a combination of Chinese and Western recipes, not only NAD + NMN, but also precious medicinal herbs such as red ganoderma, chlorella, knotweed, etc. in a golden ratio, which greatly improves the anti-aging effect, and is more effective for the internal organs of the body. health care and repair.

▪️The research team of Australian University has formulated a unique formula, suitable for Asians to take

▪️38 years of hard work in scientific research

▪️Natural herbal formula + plant capsule, does not hurt the spleen and stomach, easy to digest

This product combines the two major anti-aging elements of NAD + NMN,
🤩Specially added precious Red Ganoderma lucidum
🤩 and chlorella, together with selected natural herbal ingredients,

Each bottle of essence helps to reduce the damage of free radicals to body cells by reducing the formation of free radicals in the body, and maintain body tissue repair, regeneration and healthy immune system function. It plays a role in repairing DNA, anti-aging and prolonging youth in our body.

✔️Infused with the benefits of other precious herbal formulas

Studies have pointed out that the human body only needs to take an appropriate amount of NMN every day. Therefore, this product is specially added with other precious herbal formulas. For women in a busy era, while repairing cells, it also injects health care elements. Among them, the functions of "Kindew Root" are to clear away heat, detoxify, and activate blood. Through the menstrual cycle, it helps to eliminate toxins and promote blood circulation. "Chlorella" can improve immune function, lower cholesterol, reduce oxidative damage from smoking, and be beneficial to high blood pressure. "Ganoderma lucidum" can normalize high blood pressure and maintain liver function. Healthy and strong, help longevity and help lose weight!


Selected natural herbal ingredients:
-Ganoderma lucidum
- knotweed
- Yugui
- Querceti

✔️Benefits of taking:

Each Capsule Contains Active Ingredient: B-Nicotinamide Monoriboside
Acid (NMN), which becomes NAD+ after metabolism, a vitamin-like substance that can be naturally synthesized in the body. But with age, the amount of NAD+ in the body also decreases!
Through Kang Dao Lingzhi NMN, it can help to improve:
🌟 Promotes vascular health and blood flow
🌟 Improve muscle strength
🌟Protect the skin and prevent skin aging
🌟Reduce the risk of obesity
🌟 Strengthen the maintenance of DNA repair
🌟Increase mitochondrial function
🌟 Menopausal women restore energy,
🌟Relieve various inflammation/pain,
🌟Promote blood circulation, reduce hair loss, increase muscle and reduce fat,
🌟Reduce 3 high, (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and hypoglycemia)
🌟 Helps improve human metabolism
🌟Maintain brain health and enhance cognitive ability
🌟Helps delay aging, keep youthful and energetic
🌟Effectively improve sleep quality and improve insomnia
🌟 International health authority recognition, confidence guarantee

Quality Assurance:

Australia Kangdao NAD+NMN two age reduction, won the highest level in the world, TGA* approved by the Australian health management agency, health care product number: AUST L326735, significant efficacy, confidence guaranteed!
*Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is required to pass the license certification of the local national health administration agency TGA in order to manufacture medicines or health products in Australia, and regularly accept the government's best supervision and regular spot checks.

Specification: 60 capsules/bottle
Origin: Australia
Hong Kong general agent: Brilliant Billion Global Limited

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Concord Ganoderma NAD+NMN

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