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* Created the worlds first emu oil patch

* Up to 8 hours longer lasting pain relief

* Clean and hygienic, fragrant smell, easy to stick and easy to tear, effective after one stick

* Super elastic patch, full of elasticity, easy to stretch, easy to use

* Powerful pain relief, strong penetration, hot compress effect

* Fit on shoulders, necks, arms, waist and other joints


main ingredient:

- Australian Emu Oil

-Ginger oil

- Eucalyptus oil

- Angelica oil

- Juniper Berry Oil

- Oil of wintergreen



- Prevent allergies

-Hot compress effect

-Fragrant smell, no odor

-Unique Emu ingredient PUFAS small molecule

-Especially suitable for going out

-Made in Australia


Main effect:

Soothes muscle aches and pains

Relieve low back pain

Soothe Arthritis Pain

Relieve rheumatism swelling and pain

Relieve joint swelling and pain caused by rheumatism

Relieve joint inflammation/swelling/swelling pain

Relieve headaches and neck pain


Applicable to people with pain:


-Blue and white-collar office workers, bow-headed people

- Sedentary back pain

-Strain, soreness or sprain, etc. for people who like sports and fitness

- Old suffering from persistent strain, etc.

- Fatigue and soreness caused by housework

- Rheumatic joint swelling and pain

Poweroll Emu Oil Pain Relief Patch/Medical Heat Pack

SKU: PR2022031
HK$118.00 Regular Price
HK$98.00Sale Price
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