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Emu oil, the national bird of Australia, is extracted by high technology and has a unique ingredient PUFAS small molecule, which is quickly absorbed in 10 seconds, rolling ball/massage 2 in 1, and quickly relieves muscle and joint pain. The history of Australian aboriginal use of emu oil for thousands of years has proved that the effect is remarkable.


Benefits include:

  • Long-term muscle and joint pain Relieve sports strain, reduce swelling and relieve pain Increase blood circulation, activate blood and remove stasis
  • Relieve cervical pain, frozen shoulder
  • Relieves rheumatism and joint pain, sciatica
  • Stiff shoulders, low back pain and back pain for office workers and people who bow their heads


Roll on the affected area for 5 minutes, repeat every 4 hours.
【Tips for use】
The cooling effect is suitable for soothing muscle soreness after exercising in summer.

Poweroll Emu Oil (Medical Thermal Pack)

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