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POWEROLL Emu National Treasure Oil (Health Cooling Pack 50ml) COOL version "Savior of Pain"


Emu oil, the national bird of Australia, is extracted with high technology and has a unique ingredient PUFAS small molecule, which is quickly absorbed in 10 seconds. Ball/massage 2-in-1 can quickly relieve muscle and joint pain. It has been proved by the history of Australian indigenous people using emu oil for thousands of years.



When the affected area is slightly hot, such as sudden injury, sprain, muscle pain, etc., use cool clothes to lower the temperature to effectively relieve pain and inflammation.Initial bruises and sprains, bruises, cramps and spasms, with ice compressing effect Wait


[How to use] Roll and massage on the affected area for 5 minutes, repeat every 4 hours.


【Tips for use】The cooling effect is suitable for relieving muscle soreness after exercise.

Poweroll Emu Oil (Healthy Cool Pack)

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