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Australia  Poweroll National Treasure Emu Oil bottle 50ml + three large medical health care pain relief patches (plus 1 small pain relief patch)


Limited time limit purchase, festival value choice!

Poweroll National Treasure Emu Oil (Medical Thermal Pack)

Emu oil, the national bird of Australia, is extracted through high-tech to extract the unique ingredient PUFAS small molecules, which can be quickly absorbed in 10 seconds. Rolling ball/massage is 2 in 1, which can quickly relieve muscle and joint pain. The history of emu oil used by Australian aborigines for thousands of years has proved that it has remarkable effects.


Benefits include:

Effectively relieve long-term muscle and joint pain, relieve sports strain, reduce swelling and pain, increase blood circulation, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis

Relieve cervical pain, frozen shoulder

Relieve rheumatic joint pain, sciatica

Stiff shoulders, low back pain and back pain of office workers and head-hunting people

Main ingredients:

Australian emu oil

ginger oil

camphor oil

oil of wintergreen


Peppermint Essence

Lavender essence

【How to use】Roll and massage on the affected area for 5 minutes, repeat every 4 hours. [Tips for use] The cooling effect is suitable for soothing muscle soreness after exercise in summer.

Specifications: 50 ml / bottle

Origin: Australia

Distributor in Hong Kong: Brilliant Billion Global Limited

Healthcare Pain Relief Patch - Large Pack of 3

* Created the world's first emu oil paste

* Aging up to 8 hours! Longer-lasting analgesic effect

* Clean and hygienic, with a delicate smell, easy to stick and tear off, one stick works

* Super elastic patch, full of elasticity, flexible, convenient and easy to use

* Strong pain relief, strong penetration, hot compress effect

* Fit on shoulders, neck, arms, waist and other joints

main ingredient:

-Australian emu oil

- ginger oil

- Eucalyptus oil

- Angelica oil

- Juniper berry oil

- oil of wintergreen


- prevent allergies

-Hot compress effect

- Fragrant taste, no bad smell

- Unique emu ingredient PUFAS small molecule

-Especially suitable for going out

-Made in Australia

Main functions:

Soothes sore muscles and pain

Relieve back pain

Soothes arthritis pain

Relieve rheumatism swelling and pain

Relieves joint swelling and pain caused by rheumatism

Soothe joint inflammation/swelling/swelling pain

Relieve headache and neck pain

Applicable people with pain:

- Blue and white-collar office workers, head bowers

- Sedentary waist and back pain

-Strain, soreness or sprain of those who love sports and fitness

-Old patients with continuous strain, etc.

-Fatigue and soreness caused by housework

-Rheumatoid joint swelling and pain

Quality Assurance:

The product has won the highest level in the world and is recognized by the Australian health management agency TGA*. Health product number: AUST L220971, with remarkable efficacy and confidence!

*Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in order to manufacture medicines or health care products in Australia, all need to pass the license certification of the local National Health Administration agency TGA, and regularly accept the most stringent government supervision and regular spot checks.

Poweroll Emu Oil + Pain Relief Patch "Holiday Set"

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