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Virpro Lung Support

👍Australian sales exceeded 100,000 bottles*👍Australia's No.1 natural formula 👍Helps reduce fever symptoms 👍Won the highest level of international certification, TGA approval, quality assurance Three major characteristics caused by new coronary pneumonia

Product introduction: Kangdao Bufei Ling can help relieve fever symptoms and lower overall body temperature,

It is especially helpful to improve the sequelae of the new crown, remove harmful toxins from the lungs, maintain the normal functioning of the immune system, and help enhance overall health.

Efficacy: ▪️Helps improve the overall health of the body ▪️Maintains normal body temperature ▪️Maintains a healthy immune system ▪️Helps relieve common cold and flu symptoms ▪️Relieves coughs ▪️Maintains lung health ▪️Helps enhance breathing ▪️38-year-old Australian Kangdao health products with excellent reputation ▪️Comprehensive Australia's No.1 100% all-natural formula ▪️Vegetable capsules, easy to swallow

Main ingredients: ▪️Astrocyst ▪️Astragalus ▪️Reed ▪️Pernisgrass ▪️Forsythia ▪️Scutellaria ▪️Honeysuckle ▪️Mulberry ▪️Orange Peel ▪️Licorice ▪️Ginger ▪️Chrysanthemum ▪️Ganoderma lucidum ▪️Chlorella whole plant ▪️Cordyceps powder

Suggested taking method: 👉Treatment patients 3 times a day, 3 capsules each time; 👉Health care and prevention 2-3 capsules per day, follow the doctor's advice

Specifications: 60 capsules/bottle

Origin: Australia

Order form: Australia direct delivery to Hong Kong / spot sale

#反攻症症症症 #protect lungs #relieve cough #enhance lung function #maintain normal body temperature #anti-epidemic essential #relieve flu symptoms

International recognition: Virpro Lung Support, Australia's Kangdaobufeiling, has won the highest level in the world, and is recognized by the Australian health management agency TGA*. Health care product number: AUST L 336084. It has remarkable efficacy and confidence!

*Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in order to manufacture medicines or health care products in Australia, all need to pass the license certification of the local National Health Administration agency TGA, and regularly accept the most stringent government supervision and regular spot checks.

*Based on official 2021 sales statistics

Sole agent in Hong Kong: Brilliant Billion Global Limited Bit Universe Co., Ltd.



🧪Clinical empirical research

Important findings observed during clinical trials:

▪️After flu patients receive this formula, the antibodies in the body are activated, and the fever, headache, conjunctivitis, nasal congestion, runny nose, cough and sore throat are significantly improved. ▪️Especially respiratory system syndrome, such as cough, throat, and lungs have been significantly improved.

Product Details:

Prevention of COVID-19 Breakthrough Prevention of COVID-19- VirPro Lung Support

✅Made in Australia ✅Combination of Chinese and Western medicine to prevent new coronary pneumonia virus ✅International authoritative TGA recognition, quality assurance ✅Relieve a variety of flu pneumonia symptoms

Condor VirPro Lung Support selects the best Chinese and Western herbal ingredients, and has been certified by the Australian TGA Food and Drug Administration. It is developed and produced by a large Australian GMP pharmaceutical factory, and the quality is guaranteed. Efficacy not only has the traditional magical effect of "prescribing the right medicine", it can relieve a variety of influenza pneumonia symptoms at the same time. This remarkable effect is due to the fact that the mixture of Chinese and Western herbs can increase the body's antibodies, so that the autoimmune system can accelerate the formation of antibodies. Clinical trials: After researching clinical trials, experts from the association believe that this formula is extremely helpful to patients, with a short time and good effect, and it can help improve the three major characteristics caused by new coronary pneumonia: fever, cough, and throat discomfort. .

Pure natural herbs, combination of Chinese and Western medicine formula ▪️The formula has no side effects, non-toxic, non-irritating, pure natural herbs, focusing on the reasonable formula of Chinese and Western medicine, so that its efficacy can be maximized, which is of great help to patients.

New Coronary Virus vs. Influenza Virus ▪️The main symptoms of "New Coronary Pneumonia" and "Influenza" are similar, and both of them are mainly fever, cough, headache, and throat discomfort. Especially in patients with mild new coronary pneumonia, the clinical manifestations are basically the same as those of influenza, and even imaging examinations have no pneumonia manifestations. Patients with "common and severe new coronary pneumonia" will experience respiratory disturbances, and most severe cases will subsequently develop symptoms of respiratory failure and shock.

The Hong Kong Viral Health Association and the Australian Health Road Health Group have jointly developed a good prescription for preventing the new crown pneumonia virus. After research and clinical testing by experts from the association, an amazing breakthrough has been achieved. At present, it has been confirmed that it has auxiliary curative effects against the new coronary pneumonia virus and relieves symptoms and discomfort, including: improving immunity, improving nasal breathing, moisturizing the lungs and relieving cough, relieving cough and eliminating phlegm, dispelling the surface and reducing fever, clearing the lungs and throat, clearing heat and detoxification, clearing heat and purging fire , Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and relieve swelling and pain.

Important ingredients: 🌟Glycyrrhizae: clears heat and detoxifies, eliminates phlegm and relieves cough 🌟Honeysuckle: clears heat and detoxifies, controls febrile disease fever, heat-toxin and bloody dysentery. 🌟Pudzu root: Dispelling pathogens, relieving muscle and reducing fever, promoting body fluid and quenching thirst. 🌟Burdock: Dispel wind-heat, moisten the lungs and relieve cough, reduce swelling and detoxify.

Other auxiliary ingredients: 🌟Ganoderma lucidum 🌟Cordyceps 🌟Chlorella and other precious herbs

Patient feedback ▪️Patient feedback can confirm the clinical effect of the formula. The three common clinical symptoms of influenza and new coronary pneumonia, such as fever, cough, and throat discomfort, can be significantly relieved in a short period of time.

▪️Patient A: Hello, I went to bed after taking VirPro last night after dinner, and I also took it after breakfast this morning, and I feel that my throat is much smoother. After taking it last night, I felt a lot of phlegm in my throat. The headache is gone this morning, and I really feel much better, thank you! ▪️Patient B: Hello, I had a colleague who was not feeling well before, so I gave him VirPro, and he said that his physical strength has completely recovered after taking it , this VirPro is really effective! ▪️Patient C: Hello, I asked my son, after taking VirPro, he coughed less, and his nasal discharge decreased by about 70% to 80%. I think taking another bottle of VirPro is almost enough. This VirPro is really good for colds and coughs. I will contact you after taking VirPro, thank you! ▪️Patient D: I had tonsil inflammation that day, sore throat, and some phlegm, and my voice changed. I took western medicine for three days before good. After taking VirPro, the symptoms of sore throat and expectoration disappeared completely. ▪️Patient E: I want to thank you again. Two days ago, my left eye was a little tingling, as if there was something dull in it. Looking in the mirror, I saw a sore under the corner of my left eye, as well as red veins and tiny blood vessels. I used to I read reports that the flu virus can be transmitted through the eyes, and the symptoms are similar. I immediately went to take VirPro, and at dusk, I found that the pain in my eyes was gone, and the sore disappeared. It’s really amazing. This VirPro is very effective. I take VirPro every day, and it’s completely fine in a few days. Thank you very much! ▪️Patient F: My wife took VirPro before going to bed, and when she woke up the next day, her headache and nasal congestion were all gone. It's amazing! My daughter came back to Australia for 14 days of isolation, and I let her take VirPro every day. I am convinced that the prevention of new crowns will be achieved The effect of pneumonia! ▪️Patient G: I took VirPro last night, and this morning there is no nasal discharge, and the headache is gone. My wife Amy took VirPro today, and she had a sore throat. Well, I want to talk about the VirPro. When I came back that day, I had a headache and my body temperature was 37.4 degrees (Fahrenheit). I don’t usually have such a high temperature. I felt uncomfortable, so I took VirPro immediately. After waking up The physical strength has fully recovered, which is really amazing!

Factory Profile: CONCORD GROUP was founded in 1984. For 38 years, under the guidance of world-renowned Chinese and Western medicine experts, the research and development of the company's plant fungus medicinal and health care products has taken the lead in the world. Its products Selected by the United Nations as an important product to strengthen the immune system, it has made invaluable contributions to the auxiliary treatment and prevention of AIDS, cancer, sub-health, metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases!

Concord Virpro Lung Support

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