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Patented star-shaped design, targeting the head, neck, shoulders and hands, Combining the concepts of ergonomics and physical therapy, it can quickly relieve muscle tension and cervical spine arch, creating a new generation of high-quality sleep that is truly "sleep-free".


Suitable for the following three sleeping positions: 


sleep on back

The neck is placed in the middle of the Xingjian pillow, and the shoulders are parallel to the bottom of the pillow; the pillow surface is raised left and right to keep the centre of gravity vertical so that the cervical spine can be fixed and supported when sleeping on the back.


sleep on side

Sleeping on one side of the pillow and placing the neck in an elevated position will help keep the cervical and thoracic vertebrae in line and reduce the pressure on the shoulder, neck and back muscles.


Sleep on your stomach

The Xingjian Pillow can be used for sleeping on the stomach by turning it 180 degrees; the streamlined space on both sides perfectly conforms to the human body structure, and the arms can be comfortably placed when sleeping on the stomach.







Prohab Original treatment for health - Star Health Pillow "sleep and worry-free" series

HK$1,080.00 Regular Price
HK$880.00Sale Price
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