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Propolis Honey Candy

High Concentration Propolis Honey Throat Lozenges (170g)

Recommended by the store manager:

⭐️Firm throat

⭐️ Has anti-inflammatory effect

⭐️Vegetarians can eat

⭐️Individually packaged, easy to carry

⭐️8  capsules per pack

⭐️No artificial colors, sweeteners

Throat lozenges are rich in vitamin C, naturally occurring powerful antibacterial, analgesic and cooling properties. The mint flavor can effectively relieve various sore throats, while strengthening the immune system and refreshing the breath. It is the best product for protecting the throat and can quickly relieve various oral and throat inflammations. It is especially recommended for people who often smoke and drink, chronic pharyngitis, easy cough, asthma, cold and other upper respiratory tract inflammation. Suitable for all seasons, men, women and children, must-have daily snacks for travel and home. 

Honeylife Propolis Honey Throat Lozenges (8 capsules)

SKU: HL2023037
HK$45.00 Regular Price
HK$39.90Sale Price
  • Kind tips:

    Taste slowly in the mouth, no more than 5 capsules per day


    Children aged 6 or below should not take it

    Propolis may cause severe allergic reactions. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult their family doctors before taking it.

    Origin: Made in Australia

    Specifications: 170g

    Expiry date: 2024

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